Meet Terrance

I’m a survivor. I teach. I train. I speak into others with the utmost of authenticity…
and on many occasions, I’ve turned my mess into my message.

In February 2015, at just 44 years of age, I suffered 3 strokes in 24 hours, and by God’s grace I lived to tell my story.

When the first stroke happened my son found me on the floor, unable to move, and yelling for help.  I was quickly transported to the hospital. I was fighting for my life. The doctors told me it was a miracle that I didn’t lose that fight, hence the name, “Miracle Minnoy”. I had to relearn how to walk, use my left extremities, and manage with a blind spot in my right eye. Not to mention, overcoming the mental anguish and uncertainty that followed the strokes.  This event has been a catalyst to my journey in speaking and coaching. Believe it or not, I cherish those moments because with the fight I fought, I further appreciate the beauty in the struggle.

When I first began to share my story, it was then that I learned it was more than just a miraculous story, it was a movement.

Many have been inspired after hearing my journey so when I speak, I consider it a priority to leave you feeling hopeful and inspired, following our interaction. I know your best is yet to come and you’re going to make an impact in this life with a rippling effect. You should feel self-approved and confident that you are not defined by the mistakes you’ve made or the losses you’ve taken in the past.  You have resilience beyond measure which takes courage to showcase in those pivotal moments in life.

Resilience is at the heart of my message and I’ve become passionate about being a “Dealer of Hope” for others.

I learned to see challenges as a gift, failure as friends, and mastered the art of disciplining my disappointment. I not only appreciate the victories and successes in life, but I also embrace the adversity and tough learning moments.  I am truly grateful and honored to serve you and/or your organization as we collaborate to create a strategically impactful alliance. Together we can do miraculous things. Remember, “It’s great to witness a miracle but it’s rewarding when you can be one to somebody else. Live Your Miracle!


“Mr. Minnoy spoke at our community Stroke Support group on how do deal with adversity with an acronym R.E.S.E.T. Through his personal experience in surviving 3 strokes, Mr. Minnoy was able to grasp and attentively keep other stroke survivors and their families in tuned with video, pictures, and an eloquent presentation of his journey through his stroke adversity. Though a great speaker, Minnoy’s personal experience connected the audience attention making him a great asset to survivors of not only stroke but anyone going through any type of adversity. Minnoy inspires and motivates people to move forward through their struggles. We can all RESET our buttons to a positive change.”

Jerry Garzaro PTA Stroke Program Coordinator

“I approached Terrance Minnoy to be a keynote speaker for our County’s World AIDS Day event for HIV positive individuals and their families back in 2016. Terrance’s powerful message around “5 steps to resilience” resonated in the hearts of individuals of all races and backgrounds battling the fight against HIV.

Although World AIDS Day can be a time of sorrow for some, Terrance’s words of wisdom created a day of empowerment, celebration of life, and allowed individuals to create a new approach to old dreams. To this day, many of the individuals that attended the event remember the significant impact and change his words made in their lives.

I highly recommend Terrance Minnoy being a keynote or motivational speaker for any event. His passion and fortitude to make a difference in the lives of others is second to none!”

Keshia LynchPublic Health Coordinator

“I had the honor of having Miracle Minnoy captivating my audience at Non-Negotiable Live. I was personally intrigued by his energetic presence leading up to the event. From the time Terrance took the stage, his inspiration stole the hearts of those in the room and continues to motivate them to destroy the adversities in life by taking intentional action. Because his of passion and hope he brings others, I look forward to my future endeavors with him, he inspires me to wake the souls that hunger for life! “

Stephen Elcano Executive Leadership Coach

“What an inspiring presence Terrance Minnoy brought to The Vision & Dream Board Experience. He spoke on Motivation and Vision. He was very captivating in his speech and engaged the audience from beginning to end.

I am very grateful at the knowledge and experience he brought to this event. It has touched the hearts and mind of all who attended to become inspired, stay motivated and on track with there Vision Boards.”

Angel LeeEntrepreneur