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What can Terrance do for you?

Look, regardless of your level of success, nationality, background, or status in your personal and professional life, at some point you have to BOUNCE BACK!  Les Brown says it best, “When life knocks you down, try to land on your back.  Because if you can look up, you can get up.” My obligation to you is to help you look up with more HOPE than you’ve ever had and  get up to HIGHER heights in your life, your career, your business, and your interpersonal relationships. I have an authentic story of consistently showcasing resilience and a track record of success in a multitude of professional environments.  Let me coach you, train you, and speak into your life so that the best version of you has no choice but to appear.

You are not your mistakes! As a matter of fact, with the right mindset and coaching, you can use your worst moments to propel you to your greatest victories.  I’ve had my share of mess in my life. I’ve turned it into my message. You can do it too! Move pass your excuses and into high expectancy and excellence. I know you have it in you.  Sometime you just need a coach and cheerleader to give you a boost of energy to achieve your goals. I’d be honored to be both.

With a phone call or a simple click of a button, your journey towards your next level of excellence will begin.  What are you waiting for? LET ME TAKE YOU TO THE TOP!

Remember, “If you want to get to the top, you must first get off your bottom!”


“Terrance Minnoy was a guest speaker at the Greater Harvest Christian Center, Men's Health Symposium. Terrance has overcome tremendous obstacles in his life. To hear him describe the struggle he endured in order to make it to where he is now, is amazing. His testimony was inspiring and provides a message of hope to the listener. Although Terrance does not claim to be a preacher, his proclamation of how God's healing power changed his life, renewed my faith! I firmly believe that Terrance is on this earth for a divine purpose, just listen to his story, and I know you will agree.”

Randolph W.Physician Assistant/Church Administration

“Thank you for your one-on-one time spent with me in 2017. You have a unique way of drilling into a situation and finding the missing elements necessary for growth in a person. Because of our conversations, your coaching has helped propel my business in a direction that has tremendous potential to skyrocket in 2018. In just a few months after your coaching, we were able to formulate a large-scale sales model that has nationwide capabilities. With reps covering three counties already, we are well on our way. Again, thank you for your hard and diligent efforts to invest into others.”

Kevin EwingMailing Business Owner

“Terrance Minnoy shared his story about of resilience and setbacks during his time in rehabbing from his strokes with a group of men at our Men’s Health Symposium Conference. It was very engaging and encouraging to them. The story became real to me as my wife had suffered two days before a double brain stroke. Terrance’s words gave us hope in her condition with God’s help that all things are possible, knowing we also has to put an effort in developing a mindset to move to the next level of recovering. Thanks Terrance for your input and encouragement.”

Ken SuttonChurch Administration